Bear Grizzly 852 181mm, 52°

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Freshly redesigned for strength, versatility, and weight reduction, the 181mm, 52° Grizzly is Bear’s standard all-around longboarding truck. The 5th generation Grizzly has a stronger heat-treated axle, revised and less restrictive bushing seat, and a laser engraved logo. The 8-hole baseplate accommodates both old- and new-school mounting options and can also be used to fine tune your wheelbase by up to an inch. Excess material has been removed from the baseplate to reduce weight. The hanger can also be flipped to change the Grizzly's general carving response to a more stable and downhill-oriented geometry.

Price includes set of two trucks.

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SKU TRB18152
Categories: Longboard Skateboard Trucks
  • Specs Width: 181mm 
  • Baseplate Angle: 52 degrees 
  • Hole Pattern: 8-Hole 
  • Bushings: Double Barrel 83a
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