Orangatang Knuckles

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Crafted for quick turning response and smooth edge-to-edge transitions, Orangatang Knuckles are the ultimate high-energy bushing upgrade for carving, pumping, dancing, and freestyle longboarding.

Orange = Soft
Purple = Medium

What's in the box? Pack contains two insert barrel bushings, two gumdrop bushings, two large cup washers, and two small cup washers.

Packaging may vary.


Diameter: 0.95” (24.1 mm)
Height (gumdrop): 0.64” (16.3 mm)
Height (inset barrel): 0.59” (15 mm) barrel + 0.075” (1.91 mm) insert = 0.665” (16.9 mm) total
Formula: Randy Thane
Durometers: soft (orange, 87a), medium (purple, 90a)


Soft: 65-190+ lbs / 29-86+ kg
Medium: 130-230+ lbs / 59-104+ kg

RESPONSIVE DESIGN – Two unique shapes for highly responsive and customizable turning. Sized for compatibility with most trucks. The inner diameter features precise tolerances for a snugger fit around the kingpin. The insert barrel features a small “step” to fill the gap between the kingpin and the hole of the hanger, reducing play in the assembly for a more precise response. The gumdrop is a smooth and subtle blend between a barrel and the more traditional cone shape, providing enhanced agility. The rounded edge allows for ultra-smooth turn initiation and improved interface with the washers.

HIGHLY TUNABLE – In the standard configuration, the insert barrel is placed on the bottom and the gumdrop on the top (like a traditional barrel/cone setup). You can also set up your trucks with double insert barrels (the height of the insert is half the thickness of a Paris bushing seat) or double gumdrops. Replace the included cup washers with flat washers for a less restrictive, highly linear turning rate.

RANDY THANE – Knuckles are poured in our extremely high-rebound Randy Thane formula, ideal for responsive, energetic turning.

KNUCKLES VS. NIPPLES – While both Knuckles and Nipples use the same Randy urethane formula, the two bushings offer distinct performance characteristics. Nipples are a great choice for riders seeking maximum rebound for pumping and carving, lively yet supportive turning, and reduced wheelbite. The wide (1” diameter) double-barrel design offers a highly defined center point with immediate resistance to turn that increases progressively with lean angle.

In contrast, Knuckles are well suited for riders seeking quicker edge-to-edge response and deeper carving capabilities. The narrower diameter (0.95”) and combination of shapes provide a blend between a stable base (barrel) and a more free-turning top (gumdrop). The result is quicker and easier turn initiation with less resistance and a greater ultimate lean angle. Additionally, Knuckles are compatible with most reverse-kingpin longboard trucks (including Paris, Bear, Randal, Carver, Gullwing, Tracker, Caliber, Atlas, Bolzen, Aera, Rogue, PNL, Ronin, etc). Because Knuckles are taller than most stock bushings equipped on traditional-kingpin trucks, compatibility may vary.