DockSession JUNE

With a steady attendance at our "Franklin Slide Sessions" DockSession LA is growing exponentially. It's always nice seeing new people and good old friends skating together. These past couple weeks have been really fun; the locals at Franklin are stoked on us and even come out and skate from time to time. We're thinking of baking some cakes and go door to door offering slices and slides. In other news Alberto's soul carving is getting deeper and deeper. Camilo working some trickery on his Loaded Overland and Orangatang Onsens (via GIPHY) People have been getting into learning new things and improving what they already know...


The Gel Lab Shred Sessions / Shark’s Log – 170613

I’ll never forget what it felt like to attend my first slide jam. I remember the crowds of skaters and spectators alike, all sitting along the sides of the hill. I remember the sound of skateboards and sliding wheels, cheers and hollers as skaters flew by. Here and there were the individuals you recognized from photos, the seasoned guys doing all things stand-up, rarely dropping slide pucks to the ground. It was truly a spectacular thing to watch. After that first event, I found myself driving to jams up and down California. Boards in the trunk, windows down, music, friends, road...



Saturday 7-01-2017

Mannheim Longboard Open 2017

Platz der Freundschaft, Mannheim, Germany
10:00 am
The preparation of the 'Mannheim Longboard Open 2017' has started again - this time with two days instead of one ! The contest registration will open soon. Location: FRANKLIN, Mannheim, Germany Programm: -Workshops for beginners -Dance/Freestyle Competition -Best Trick -Best G-Turn -Game of S.K.A.T.E. -Hippy Jump Stay tuned, more information comming soon Find accomodation here: https://www.airbnb.com/ Organised by Southside Longboarding / FRANKLIN-Mannheim

Saturday 7-08-2017

Bethlehem Slide Jam

Bethlehem, PA, USA
9:00 am
4th Annual Bethlehem Longboard Jam held at High Street! Saturday, July 8th, 2017 (rain or shine) 1st Stop of the Faceplant Freestyle Cup Classic Slide Jam with Boardercross time trial race and lots of fun free competitions like... Hippy Jump Contest Big Air (longest distance) Longest Slide (heel and toe) *all of these events are included with Slide Jam Entry

Sunday 7-09-2017

Bristol Board Meeting 2017

Green Park, Bath, UK
11:00 am
A skate from Bath to Bristol to raise money for Charity! This year we are raising money for CLIC Sargent, who help provide specialist care for children with cancer across the UK. Starting at Green Park in Bath, near Bath Spa Railway Station, we'll skate along the Bath/Bristol cycle path to Rodway Common in Bristol, where we'll raffle prizes from our sponsors. There will be a slide session on Rodway Common, 3 back-to-back hairpins on a small section of cycle path. The skate continues all the way to Bristol Temple Meads railway Station - a mere 15min train ride back to Bath.

Saturday 7-22-2017

AWHOU Longboard Tournament

Berlin-Adlershof, Berlin, Germany
10:00 am
"Hey Folks, We're doing our first big contest in Berlin. The concept is a bit different and like the AKA boardshops "next level contest". You're skating an One on One and the judges deside right after the two runs. There will be a girls group and a boys group. After that we do the classic best trick contest. The place is perfect, the city is awesome, we're stoked and it's going to be a blast." - AWHOU



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