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Rambles Through the Range of Light

The road through the Owens Valley is a long, familiar, well-traveled ribbon of asphalt creating a boundary between the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the West and the White Mountains to the East. We have been warping between Mammoth Lakes and Los Angeles along this path many weekends a year for many years. On a good day one can make this trek in five hours. We decided to take five days.

With a slew of new Overland boards in the back and a great group of riders jammed in the van we took the 14 to the 395 and all it's paved tributaries into the Sierra. We stopped when we wanted, pulled over where most blast by in their SUV's and skated Ghost Towns, rural parks, steep-steeps and boulder laden hills.

The Overland is a fun skateboard. This journey was a fun trip. All too often on these skate-shoots you get tunnel vision, focused only on the end result. We didn't stress on the skating or nailing the shot. We took our time to enjoy the landscape and everything it had to offer. We stayed in the moment. That's what it is all about. That's why we all do this in the first place.


Loaded Tesseract

With the Loaded Van totaled (RIP) Adam S. relied on the teleportation of the Tesseract to transport Dane, Camilo, Ethan, Kyle and Cindy from the Malibu Hills to Venice Beach to the abandoned neighborhood of Surfridge. No steep canyon line or gawking tourist could combat the Tesseract's innate versatility allowing the riders blast into the fourth dimension with speed, style and grace.

The Tesseract integrates rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options into a lightweight package designed for big mountain roads, high speeds, snappy slides, lofty ollies, and techy manual combos.

Available Worldwide.


Orangatang Centerset Wheels

Time may be characterized in two distinct, but related, ways. On one hand it can be characterized as past, present or future. Alternatively time may be described as earlier than, simultaneous with, or later than. We remember the past and anticipate the future, for example, but not vice versa. On the other hand belief that a satisfactory account of time must acknowledge a fundamental metaphysical difference between past, present and future. Alternatively lighting stuff on fire is a time honored tradition and can result in warmth, cooked edibles or seeded redwoods. (Loaded/Otang does not endorse lighting anything on fire or arguing time theory)

Adam Stokowski, Ethan Cochard, Nic Escamilla, Trevor Baird, Dustin Hampton, Daniel Fissmer, Mauritz Armfelt twist time on the new Orangatang Center Set wheels. The Kilmer, Cage and Keanu are available in top notch skate shops world wide.


Dance Down the Town

In the nitty gritty of L.A.'s downtown streets, a brave group of strutting skaters mash through the chaos of traffic, disgruntled pedestrians, and the occasional slime patch of who-knows-what. Ari, Lotfi, Laurent, Adam, and Alberto bring you their own personal styles of the discipline commonly known as "Foot-Twerking" (aka Dancing). With the world against them, they managed to come out of the concrete jungle relatively unharmed, though their clothes will never smell the same again.


The Ridiculous Skate Trip of Bruno the Kid

Orangatang Ambassador Bruno Sirera teams up with PerroPro to bring you a jaw dropping cinematic experience spanning from Northern to Southern California.


Spain Trippin'

Explore the world through the eyes of a skateboarder.


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