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The Gel Lab Shred Sessions / Shark’s log – 170503

The Gel Lab sessions are just shy of almost a decade old. That’s almost ten solid years of skateboarding on Wednesday nights with good friends and in good company. I won’t lie, we’ve lost a few people along the way, and I mean that both metaphorically and physically. Life runs its course, and just like the cycle of the seasons, faces come and go. With that being said, I’ve also come to know that some of The Gel Lab session’s longest running attendees have had their stints of disconnection as well. Sometimes even the most fervent session goers just need to ghost out for awhile. However, for me, the greatest gratification is seeing some of those long lost faces re-emerge from the abyss of obscurity. I assume the reconnection stands to represent a bit of a revival of sorts, a re-association with something that made you feel good about yourself. 

The Gel Lab shred sessions have thus stood to foster an environment that aides in that decompression, a minor weekly escape from whatever it is that weighs on your soul. I think that’s a big part of the reason why they’ve existed for this long; the weekly sessions provide a necessary therapy. It’s because of their constant, that they provide an essential reprieve from the constant. I look forward to seeing the sessions live to celebrate a decade of skateboarding. It’s been a damn good time, and I’ll know in my soul that as long as we all walk away from it with a smile on our faces, it will have been worth it. 


For more information on how to join us on Wednesday night’s, please visit The Gel Lab Facebook page. Thank you for reading, now go skate.

An enormous thanks to Alan Sova for taking pictures all night, at most every session, and for being gracious enough to let me use them for my article. You are righteous Alan, thank you!

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