DockSession JUNE

With a steady attendance at our "Franklin Slide Sessions" DockSession LA is growing exponentially. It's always nice seeing new people and good old friends skating together. These past couple weeks have been really fun; the locals at Franklin are stoked on us and even come out and skate from time to time. We're thinking of baking some cakes and go door to door offering slices and slides. In other news Alberto's soul carving is getting deeper and deeper. Camilo working some trickery on his Loaded Overland and Orangatang Onsens (via GIPHY) People have been getting into learning new things and improving what they already know...


The Gel Lab Shred Sessions / Shark’s Log – 170613

I’ll never forget what it felt like to attend my first slide jam. I remember the crowds of skaters and spectators alike, all sitting along the sides of the hill. I remember the sound of skateboards and sliding wheels, cheers and hollers as skaters flew by. Here and there were the individuals you recognized from photos, the seasoned guys doing all things stand-up, rarely dropping slide pucks to the ground. It was truly a spectacular thing to watch. After that first event, I found myself driving to jams up and down California. Boards in the trunk, windows down, music, friends, road...



Friday 6-23-2017 TODAY!

Longboarddays 2017

6791 Gaschurn, Vorarlberg, Austria
6:00 pm
Longboarddays Montafon #8 23.-25. Juni 2017 Freitag, 23. Juni /// Welcome Skate Session 18:00 Uhr /// Warm Up - Welcome Lounge Explorer Hotel Samstag, 24. Juni /// Longboarddays 11:00 Uhr /// Aussteller, Longboard Teststände, Gratis Verleih /// Shuttle Service (Tagesticket 5E) /// Gastronomie und Verpflegung /// Open Miniramp /// Sideevents - Slide Contest 14:00 Uhr I Anmeldung vor Ort - Free Miniramp Jam 18:00 Uhr I Anmeldung vor Ort - Hippiejump Contest 19:00 Uhr I Anmeldung vor Ort /// Workshops - O-Jam Creative Corner I Anmeldung vor Ort - Longboard School Austria I Anmeldung vor Ort /// „,Musik am Platz" - Chill Out 20:00 Uhr /// Afterchill, Explorer Lounge DJ - Set ab 22:00 Uhr Sonntag, 26. Juni /// Hangover Skate Session /// Open Miniramp

Friday 6-23-2017 TODAY!

Laguna DH Race 4

Atoyac, Jalisco, Mexico
9:00 am
El Crew de Treee Skateboarding está muy emocionado de traerles nuevamente este año Laguna DH Race en su cuarta edición, una pista de 7 curvas con un top Speed de 85km/h. y 1.7 km de distancia, buen piso y con un paisaje increíble. Ubicada en Atoyac, Jalisco. A solo 1 hora de Guadalajara. Por cuestiones de logística y seguridad el Ayuntamiento nos ha pedido no hacer uso de la pista previo al día del evento. Click Aquí para ver la pista https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7ZhhxsxITg Video del evento: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFZHMG8LWMY

Saturday 6-24-2017

Day to Night DockSession

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
11:00 am
Fun seaker extraordinnaire Camilo Cespedes G is coming to town and Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels & Paris Truck Co. and Flatspot Longboard Shop are hosting a special Day to Night all day DockSession event here in Vancouver! You can join all, some, or even none of the fun, but we'll be going all day and all night with a crew of skate explorers down to have a good time with all forms of skateboarding. Here's the tentative schedule: 11am - Bons - Breakfast and Chill (carpool and public transport to UBC at your liesure) 1-4pm UBC Skate Park - shred, lurk, or whatever floats your skate-boat there's all kinds of space to skate any way you want 4-6pm Siesta at the Beach - we're going to play skate games and slack line at the beach for a break and regroup, prizes and swag to be had 6-9pm - DockSession style UBC campus push and pathways - this is a casual all skate adventure accessible for all levels of fun 9-11pm BBQ and Beach Jams - we will be closing out the night with sunset at the beach, some music, slack line, possibly glow in the dark bocce and a BBQ Huge thanks to sponsors Paris Truck Co., Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, and DockSession

Sunday 6-25-2017

Kick Butt 2017

Plymouth, MI, USA
9:00 am
It’s time to lace up and Kick Butt. Meet the S&S crew in the morning with a helmet and your favorite board. All ages and abilities welcome! Even if you don’t skate. Teams of 4 are ideal. No pre-registration necessary!



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