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Loaded Labs: Growing with Menopause

Loaded Labs

It’s been a long, fun ride with plenty of raging hormones. Thanks to everyone who joined Loaded Labs and helped us in testing the 75mm Menopause wheels! We received over 60 feedback forms from riders all over North America, Europe, and Asia who dedicated many hours to putting these prototypes through the wringer and reporting their impressions back to us. All your efforts are greatly appreciated and will help us create better gear.

We’ve had some time to digest all the data and wanted to share some of our findings with you.

Overall, most riders found the Menopause to be comparable or slightly faster than the In Heats. Just over half the testers described them as feeling smoother than the In Heats, which was unexpected to us due to the larger core.

There was some disagreement about the Menopause sliding and cornering performance (likely due to a high degree of variation in testing conditions), but a prevailing observation was that the Menopause showed a more defined transition between gripping and sliding. Durability between the two wheels was fairly comparable, though the Menopause was agreed to have a slight upper hand in terms of even wear patterns.

Feel free to peruse the charts below for more details. As always, you can contact us at with any further questions, comments, or suggestions on the Loaded Labs program. Keep an eye on for more fun projects to come!

– The Loaded Crew


Orangatang Menopause longboard wheels

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