Ayumi Oride - Loaded & Orangatang


Yokohama, Japan


Yokohama, Japan




Sculpture graduate, born and raised in Yokohama, Japan! I was interested in going out and see the world from early ages and thanks to my comprehensive parents, I was fortunate to spend some of my school years in Argentina and in Mexico City, learning language and also to live more relax. This gave me the experience of traveling and living in other countries. Now I am very happy and proud of being able to connect the world as Loaded Ambassador throughout skateboarding. To be able to survive and follow your passion especially in Japan you have to work hard everyday, Japanese style. I used to spent my leisure days making my art and traveling. Nowadays I travel to skate and skate as an art. Still hope my sculpture and skateboarding can converge and be in the same page. I love to sleep, wish i could sleep more.


I'm a Leboski, You're a Lebowski.


Birdie num num... by Peter Sellers



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