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  1. Dervish Sama Grip Tape

    Replacement griptape for the Dervish Sama longboard. Perfect for filing your eyelashes.

    6 pieces total (2x 80-grit, 4x 50-grit).


  2. G Sticker G Sticker

    G Sticker

    Price $6.00
    G Sticker comes in 3 colors and 2 sizes. 4" x 5" and 6" x 8"


  3. Chubby Unicorn Sticker

    Urethane Chubby Unicorn Sticker


  4. 4G Sticker 4G Sticker

    4G Sticker

    Price $10.00
    4 G Sticker come in 6" x 7"


  5. Loaded Vinyl Stickers

    Loaded Vinyl Stickers

    Price $25.00
    Loaded Vinyl Stickers come in 9" and 36" sizes in white, silver and black.


  6. Orangatang Vinyl Stickers Orangatang Vinyl Stickers
    Orangatang Vinyl Stickers come in 11.5" and 36" sizes in orange, yellow, purple, or *blue. *The 36" sticker does not come in blue.


  7. Low Stock


    Price $7.00

    Tired of those skateboarding space cadets walking off with your skate tool every time you lend it out? Now you can look for glowing orange, purple, or yellow outlines in their pockets and catch 'em in the act.


  8. S1 Lifer Helmet S1 Lifer Helmet

    S1 Lifer Helmet

    Price $60.00

    The Lifer Helmet uses a specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam which allows it to protect your head from multiple low force impacts as well as high impacts. The Lifer Helmet is a Certified "multi-impact" helmet and is up to 5x more protective than the soft foam non-certified helmets. The Lifer helmet is a break through design combining the added safety of a CPSC and ASTM certified helmet with the comfort and fit of a non certified helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet is the best fitting High impact and Multiple Impact helmet on the market.


  9. DGM 01

    DGM 01

    Downgrade Magazine's premiere issue featuring photos by Aaron Breetwor, Matthew Kienzle, Olivier Séguin-Leduc, and Thomas Trnka. Skaters include: George Mackenzie James Kelly Louis Pilloni Zak Maytum Aaron Grulich Brandon Tissen JM Duran And more! About The Magazine 36 pages of unbound, heavyweight newsprint Printed in New York City in an edition of 3000. Includes 2 vinyl stickers


  10. 1/8" Riser Pads 1/8

    Big wheels giving you clearance headaches? Our 1/8" recycled TPE riser pads are tough and lightweight—the perfect cure for wheelbite.

    Includes two (2) riser pads (enough for one complete skateboard).


  11. 1/16" Shock Pads

    Our 1/16" shock pads are cushy yet thin, taking the edge off road vibrations while also giving your setup a touch more clearance for larger wheels. Also easy to trim and use as a wedging adjustment to modify your truck's steering geometry.

    Includes two (2) shock pads (enough for one complete skateboard).


  12. 1/16" Drop-Through Shock Pads

    We assemble all of our drop-through completes with these 1/16" shock pads to prevent damage to the deck. They also help reduce road vibrations for a smooth and quiet ride. Also handy for topmount setups as a lightweight shim for vibration damping and wedging adjustments.

    Includes four (4) drop-through shock pads (enough for one complete skateboard).


  13. Loaded JEHU V2 Bearings (Jehunions) Loaded JEHU V2 Bearings (Jehunions)

    The new Loaded Jehunion Bearings (version 2 of our original Jehu bearings) feature extended inner raceways to eliminate the need for separate spacers and speed rings. Crank them all the way down and keep your setup tight.

    Most importantly, they are now pink.

    • Rubberized steel shields for durability and ease of maintenance
    • Highest-grade chromium steel
    • Interior step ring to maintain constant lubrication
    • Developed and tested for the speed, durability, and the rigors of performance longboarding
    • Bearings made in China using Japanese grease and lots of love.
    • Packaging made in Taiwan.

    And Jehu rode (his chariot) and went to Jezrael, because Joram lay there. And Achazyah the King of Judah came down to see Joram. And the watchman stood on the tower in Jezrael and saw Jehu's band as they came and he said, "I see a group." And Joram said, "send a (horse) rider out to meet them and ask (if they come in) peace?" And the horse rider went out to meet them and said, "the king asks (if you come in) peace?" And Jehu said, "What is peace to you? Turn away." And the watchman reported that the messenger reached them but did not return. So they sent a second horse rider. He came to them and said, "the King asks (if you come in) peace?" And Jehu said, "What is peace to you? Turn away." And the watchman said, "he came to them and did not return. And the riding style is like that of Jehu the son of Nimshi -- for he has a furious riding style." And Joram said "get ready."

    What's in the box? You get a full set of 8 bearings! 


  14. Paris 7° Wedge Risers

    Paris 7° Wedge Risers (set of 2)


  15. Overland Grip Tape

    Replacement griptape for the Overland longboard. Aggressive rail pieces for confident slides, mellow center grip for shoe-friendly ollies. Built-in racing stripes for extra steeze.

    3 pieces total (2x 50-grit, 1x 80-grit).


  16. Tesseract Grip Tape

    Replacement griptape for the original Tesseract longboard (non-Basalt version). Aggressive grit for downhill, freeride, and freestyle shredding. Also great for shredding your pant seams.

    1 piece total (50-grit).


  17. Truncated Tesseract Grip Tape

    Replacement griptape for the Truncated Tesseract longboard. The friction makes you faster and feistier.

    1 piece total (50-grit).


  18. Tan Tien Grip Tape (V1)

    Replacement griptape for the Tan Tien longboard (pre-2016 blue/brown puzzle graphic). Highly recommended for polishing glass and extremely expensive camera equipment.

    5 pieces total (3x 50-grit, 2x 80-grit).


  19. Fattail Grip Tape

    Replacement griptape for the Fattail longboard. Excellent substitute for Charmin Ultra Soft.

    4 pieces total (4x 50-grit).


  20. Bhangra Grip Tape

    Replacement griptape for the Bhangra longboard. Removes corns and calluses as you boogie.

    The nose and tail portions use aggressive grit for improved control on freestyle tricks. The center pieces use milder grit and are split down the middle to allow for easier boardwalking and spin moves. If you are desperate for toilet paper we suggest starting with the center sections.

    4 pieces total (2x 50-grit, 2x 80-grit).


  21. Poke Grip Tape

    Replacement griptape for the Poke longboard. Made from real sesame seeds for enhanced flavor.*

    3 pieces total (3x 50-grit).

    * Product does not actually contain sesame seeds. Please do not attempt to eat the griptape.


  22. Loaded Leather Race Gloves Loaded Leather Race Gloves

    Available now. High quality goatskin leather, Carbon knuckle and finger protectors, Leather reinforcement, Breathable mesh top, internal Coolmax® wicking fabric, Reflective sections, Velcro palms, finger tips and thumbs, Ergonomic finger shapes, Ultra High Molecular Weight circular palm and thumb pucks, High density finger pucks, All the bells and whistles.

    Purchase price includes a pair of gloves.


  23. Low Stock
    Skate deck and complete rack (includes US shipping)

    Skate deck and complete rack. Holds 12 boards total (9 in front and 3 in back. It's actually slightly shorter than in the pics). Also designed to function as a wedgie holder. Made out of Baltic birch ply and Formica.

    Sold domestically (USA) only. For International buyers please contact us directly.


  24. Sliding Pucks

    Loaded Slide Pucks. Durable, thick and wide, these pucks are now the standard palm puck on all our gloves. Velcro backing. Set of 2.


  25. 6 Pcs Complete Puck Set

    6 piece set of pucks, all with velcro backing. Includes 2 Loaded Slide Pucks (grey palm pucks), 2 High Density finger pucks (black), and 2 Ultra High Density thumb pucks (green). Because you rip.


  26. Finger and Thumb Pucks

    Back in stock! 4 piece Finger and Thumb pucks. Includes 2 High Density finger pucks (black and lime), that are designed to slow you down when you need it, and slide when you don't, as well as 2 Ultra High Density green thumb pucks. Velcro backing of course.


  27. Button Head Hardware Button Head Hardware

    Made from an extremely strong steel (significantly stronger than Grade 8), these button head bolts integrate the washer into the bolt itself in order to reduce the height of the bolt heads while still distributing load pressure.

    Our hardware comes with a hex key and is available in three (color coded) sizes: 1” (green), 1.25” (red) and 1.5" (grey).


  28. Countersunk Hardware
    Got that sinking feeling again? We'll only make it worse. New, super strong countersunk flat head hardware. We've got little bumps (debossed or embossed, I don't really know) on top to further stick you to your deck. Guaranteed to smell like grease.


  29. Paris Multi-Tool

    All-In-One set includes:

    • 3/8" Socket
    • 9/16" Socket
    • 1/2" Socket
    • 1/8" Allen Wrench
    • #2 Phillips-Head


  30. Carver Pipe Wrench
    A great mini skate tool. Pocket sized but mind (and board) altering. Super durable construction.


  31. Cantellated Tesseract Grip Tape

    Replacement griptape for the Cantellated Tesseract longboard. Tastes like abrasion.

    1 piece total (50-grit).


  32. Paris 1/8" Riser Pads
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