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Everything in moderation, including moderation. - Oscar Wilde

Spanning the size gap between the Kanthaka and Tesseract, the Overland is designed for the all-around rider seeking a happy medium between a shorter technical double kick and a thoroughbred downhill freeriding machine.

Length: 37” (94cm)
Width: 9.5” (24cm)
20.75” and 22” (52.71 and 56 cm)
20.75” / 52.71 cm and 22” / 56 cm
Rocker0.125" / 0.318 cm
Concave0.50" / 1.3 cm
Nose angle18°
Tail Angle13°
Nose4.9" / 12 cm from outermost bolt
Tail5.9" / 15 cm from outermost bolt
Weight3.5 lb / 1.6 kg


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Slight rocker complements the board\'s subtle flex and allows you to sink into a comfortable hammock-like interface for both leisurely and aggressive riding. The rocker helps freestyle tricks feel more natural and also creates a solid platform for pushing and commuting. The rocker blends smoothly into the rear wheel well flares.


Mild flares pressed into the deck increase wheel clearance while also serving as ergonomic reference points.


The Overland features mild radial concave, slightly deeper near the front to lock your foot in and mellower in the back.


The Overland features two wheelbase options. The longer 22\" wheelbase is intended for reverse-kingpin trucks and provides additional stability for faster riding; the shorter 20.75\" wheelbase accommodates conventional trucks and allows for improved agility and responsiveness.


The longer rear kicktail has a shallower angle to facilitate ollies and no-complies. A wider shape also provides ample leverage for bluntslides and tail-heavy freeriding. The shorter and steeper nose is better suited for nollie freestyle tricks, nose manuals, and leveling out ollies.


The Overland features a moderately rigid flex. The directional shape causes the flex pattern to feel stiffer near the front and slightly looser near the back, maintaining an energetic feel while pumping and hard carving without compromising the board\'s high-speed stability or sliding response.


The Overland is equipped with coarse griptape along the rails for optimal edge control in aggressive sliding and pumping maneuvers. A strip of mellower grip down the centerline of the board allows for less abrasive ollies and street freestyle tricks.


Old-school nostalgia meets modern functionality. The Overland\'s \'80s pool-style shape is wider in the front for lots of leverage and narrower in the back for quicker rail-to-rail foot movement while sliding and cornering. The hourglass waist accentuates the wheel well flares for better tactile feedback in slides. The kicktail is large and in charge for primarily directional riding.


Epoxy and triaxial fiberglass sandwich a 5-part vertically laminated bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers for liveliness, responsiveness and high energy potential. Drop-through cutouts are CNC milled for precision.

A TPU bottom sheet provides vibration damping and protects the board against abrasion. Additionally, the low-friction material glides easily over rough surfaces, allowing for more effortless boardslides and tailslides.


Reverse Kingpin

We recommend reverse-kingpin trucks and 70mm wheels on the Overland for freeriding, carving, pumping and downhill aficionados. 43-44° baseplates provide more lean and stability for faster riding, while 50° baseplates are more responsive for quick maneuvering and aggressive slashing.

On narrower (160-170mm) hangers, we recommend offset wheels; on wider (180mm) hangers, centerset wheels are ideal.

Conventional Kingpin

Conventional trucks and 58-66mm wheels complement the Overland in street, freestyle, transition, and light freeriding applications.

On narrower (8.5" or 159) hangers, we recommend offset wheels; on wider (9" or 169) hangers, centerset wheels are ideal.


The Overland takes its name from a major avenue in the LA Westside connecting Culver City in the south with Rancho Park in the north. The board's graphic is an illustration of this region (with the Loaded office highlighted in red). The textured pattern in the urethane bottom sheet is a topographical map showing the undulating elevation gradients in our very own backyard.


The Overland was inspired by our ambassadors searching for a board that could keep up with the variety of terrain underfoot. While the Kanthaka focused more on technical freeriding and street tricks and the Tesseract was sized to handle the demands of faster downhill runs, we quickly became aware of a small but enticing niche of riding styles that prompted the creation of a true middle-of-the-road vehicle. And thus the Overland was born to tackle freestyle, natural and man-made transitions, neighborhoods, and mild downhill--all in a strong and lightweight package.


The Overland features a vertically laminated bamboo core sandwiched between fiberglass skins and finished off with a bottom layer of textured thermoplastic urethane.

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