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Dirty or rusted bearings will roll slower and won't hold speed well. The metal shields on the JEHU bearings will help protect sand, dirt and water from coming in but are not removable for cleaning. For a bearing that is cleanable, try a set with removable shields. Removable shields are good for cleaning and lubricating with speed cream, a low viscosity bearing lubricant. Check out Bones' website for a good resource on bearing cleaning and maintenance.


Good rotation habits can help even out wear patterns and dramatically extend the life of your wheels. Be aware, though, that wheel rotation can get a little confusing, especially since wear patterns often differ from rider to rider. The simplest suggestion to remember is to swap your most worn wheel with your least worn wheel, swap the other two wheels, and flip when appropriate. Beyond that basic principle, here are a few suggestions and info tidbits that we've found helpful in our sideways smile sessions:

Uphill wheels (on your heelside rail for heelside/frontside slides and on your toeside rail for toeside/backside slides) tend to cone (faster wear on the inside lip), while downhill wheels tend to reverse cone (faster wear on the outside lip).

On a board with a centered stance (snowboard style) most of the rider's weight is typically over the front truck, so expect the front wheels to wear faster than the rear wheels. On a board with a rear stance (e.g. ridden with the back foot mostly on the kicktail) there is usually much more weight applied to the back truck, so the rear wheels tend to wear faster than the front wheels.

On a directional setup (ridden mostly in one orientation) we generally recommend rotating your wheels diagonally (front left with rear right, front right with rear left). On a symmetrical setup (ridden equally in both orientations) we generally rotate wheels on the same hanger (front left with front right, rear left with rear right).

A symmetrical centerset shape also allows you to flip each wheel to counteract coning. Whenever you rotate your wheels, check to see if any of your wheels are starting to cone and flip them as needed. Be sure to consider the wheels' new positions on the board and your personal riding habits (if you do more heelside slides than toesides, you may expect your heelside wheels to cone and your toeside wheels to reverse cone).


Maintaining your trucks will help keep your ride as smooth and quiet as the day you bought it. There are a few things you can do to help prevent your trucks from squeaking.

9 times out of 10, that squeaking while carving is from your pivot cup in your baseplate (black circle where the hanger pin sets in). If you take a bar of soap and a butter knife and cut shavings of soap and throw them in the pivot cup it will eliminate that squeak. You can also use petroleum jelly, speed cream or any high viscosity bearing lubricant.

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