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The Gel Lab Shred Sessions / Shark’s Log – 170613

I’ll never forget what it felt like to attend my first slide jam. I remember the crowds of skaters and spectators alike, all sitting along the sides of the hill. I remember the sound of skateboards and sliding wheels, cheers and hollers as skaters flew by. Here and there were the individuals you recognized from photos, the seasoned guys doing all things stand-up, rarely dropping slide pucks to the ground. It was truly a spectacular thing to watch.

After that first event, I found myself driving to jams up and down California. Boards in the trunk, windows down, music, friends, road trips, it was a magical time for me as a young skater. I had fallen completely head over heels in love with everything about it. Even now, almost a decade later, I’m still excited when everyone gets together on the hill for a session...



With all of that said, I hope to conjure a bit of that essence with The Gel Lab Wednesday night shred sessions we host here in Los Angeles. We’ve included a new freeride specific location in Elysian Park that I hope will foster a new passion for creativity on the hill. Furthermore, I’ve included some wonderful flash photography from the talented Matt Hulet at Evolv Sports, who paid us a visit and captured some wonderful moments of our weekly shred squad putting in work on our newly discovered incline. 

Scope The Gel Lab Facebook Page to find out more about our weekly Wednesday skate sessions, then come skate with us!

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