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DockSession USA: March 5 & 12

DockSession USA (click for Facebook page!)
Santa Monica: March 5 & 12, 2017

Coming from a tight skate community back in Bogotá, Colombia, I missed having an environment where people could be comfortable having different skill levels and learn from each other when it comes to skateboarding. The DockSession jams (originally created by Lotfi Lamaali in Paris, France) have always intrigued me, and I'm stoked on the opportunity to help build that community here in Los Angeles.

Our first and second events were great; we had more people show up than I expected! It's great to see how skateboarding brings people together from different backgrounds. 

We cruised from Santa Monica Pier to the Venice Skatepark and skated with everyone. Alberto jumped on his Bhangra after almost a year of being injured. He landed his first "pirouette", and we were all very proud!

Hope to see DockSession USA grow and see more people having fun on their boards. Join us next time! DockSession USA

– Camilo

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