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Shop for Longboard hardware and accessories including bushings, bearings, button head hardware, countersunk hardware, risers, riser pads, shock pads, pipe wrenches, multi-tools and t-tools.

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  1. Loaded JEHU V2 Bearings ( Jehunions )

    Loaded JEHU V2 Bearings ( Jehunions )

    The new Loaded Jehunion Bearings (version 2 of our original Jehu bearings) feature extended inner raceways to eliminate the need for separate spacers and speed rings. Crank them all the way down and keep your setup tight.

    Most importantly, they are now pink.

    • Rubberized steel shields for durability and ease of maintenance
    • Highest-grade chromium steel
    • Interior step ring to maintain constant lubrication
    • Developed and tested for the speed, durability, and the rigors of performance longboarding
    • Bearings made in China using Japanese grease and lots of love.
    • Packaging made in Taiwan.

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  2. Button Head Hardware

    Button Head Hardware

    Made from an extremely strong steel (significantly stronger than Grade 8), these button head bolts integrate the washer into the bolt itself in order to reduce the height of the bolt heads while still distributing load pressure.

    Our hardware comes with a hex key and is available in three (color coded) sizes: 1” (green), 1.25” (red) and 1.5" (grey).

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  3. Countersunk Hardware

    Countersunk Hardware

    Got that sinking feeling again? We'll only make it worse. New, super strong countersunk flat head hardware. We've got little bumps (debossed or embossed, I don't really know) on top to further stick you to your deck. Guaranteed to smell like grease. Learn More
  4. Paris Multi-Tool

    Paris Multi-Tool

    All-In-One set includes:

    • 3/8" Socket
    • 9/16" Socket
    • 1/2" Socket
    • 1/8" Allen Wrench
    • #2 Phillips-Head
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  5. Carver Pipe Wrench

    Carver Pipe Wrench

    A great mini skate tool. Pocket sized but mind (and board) altering. Super durable construction. Learn More

  6. 1/16" Shock Pads

    1/16" Shock Pads

    Our 1/16" shock pads are cushy yet thin, taking the edge off road vibrations while also giving your setup a touch more clearance for larger wheels. Also easy to trim and use as a wedging adjustment to modify your truck's steering geometry.

    Includes two (2) shock pads (enough for one complete skateboard).

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  7. 1/8" Riser Pads

    1/8" Riser Pads

    Big wheels giving you clearance headaches? Our 1/8" recycled TPE riser pads are tough and lightweight—the perfect cure for wheelbite.

    Includes two (2) riser pads (enough for one complete skateboard).

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  8. T-Tool


    Tired of those skateboarding space cadets walking off with your skate tool every time you lend it out? Now you can look for glowing orange, purple, or yellow outlines in their pockets and catch 'em in the act. Learn More
  9. Skate deck and complete rack

    Skate deck and complete rack

    Skate deck and complete rack. Holds 12 boards total (9 in front and 3 in back. It's actually slightly shorter than in the pics). Also designed to function as a wedgie holder. Made out of Baltic birch ply and Formica.

    Sold domestically (USA) only. For International buyers please contact us directly.

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  10. 1/16" Drop-Through Shock Pads

    1/16" Drop-Through Shock Pads

    We assemble all of our drop-through completes with these 1/16" shock pads to prevent damage to the deck. They also help reduce road vibrations for a smooth and quiet ride. Also handy for topmount setups as a lightweight shim for vibration damping and wedging adjustments.

    Includes four (4) drop-through shock pads (enough for one complete skateboard).

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