Sunday 3-26-2017

DockSession USA: Santa Monica Push

Santa Monica, CA, USA
3:30 pm
This week we're doing it like the first two ones. Pushing from Santa Monica to Venice. Meet at 3:30 PM at the "Hot Dog On A Stick" under the Santa Monica Pier and pushing out at 4 towards the Venice Skate Park

Saturday 4-08-2017

Sugar Loaf Outlaw

Urbana, MD, USA
10:00 am
With the success of the Danksgiving Outlaw (https://goo.gl/lMn9nJ) we're going to be having another one of these races here in MD at Sugar Loaf Mountain. If all goes well again and we can generate the support I'd like to see some incarnation of Sean Graves's off season MD outlaw series make a comeback. The road is a one way downhill with a few straights, sweepers and hairpins that require drifting both ways. Check out the raw run if you're not fimilair with the road. Racing will begin at noon. 10 dollar cash buy in. Standup and Luge/laydown classes if theres enough interest. Podium will recieve the $$$. Here's the raw run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcWarawBU_g

Saturday 4-15-2017

Phoenix CitySkate 2017

Phoenix, AZ, USA
9:00 am
Enjoy a fun group longboard cruise through the city of Phoenix. Lunch afterwards and prize packs for the first 50 attendees!

Saturday 4-15-2017

Slide Jam at the Dam

Bloomington, IN, USA
11:00 am
The largest slide jam in the Midwest is happening 4/15/17. The Longboarding Club at Indiana University is back for their 6th annual Slide Jam At The Dam! The event will take place on a closed road with tons of prizes and a huge CASH purse!