Sunday 4-30-2017

DockSession USA: Parking Lot Games

Santa Monica, CA, USA
4:00 pm
This week we have a fun session prepared! We're bringing exciting games and maaaybe some prices. Hippie jumps, skateboard frisbee and longest jumps are gonna take place! Bring your friends and come have fun with us. MEETING AT HOT DOG ON A STICK under the Santa Monica Pier at 3.30pm and then moving to the parking lot right next to "Bicknell" Contact us if you have any questions! See ya'll soon.

Saturday 5-13-2017

Lemon Hill Slide Jam

Philadelphia, PA, USA
4:15 am
After the other thing going on the same day come to Lemon Hill for a Slide Jam shin dig and some other fun thangs! We will be Chilling and Grilling as well as as having a Slide Jam and Hippie Jump. You can also bring Longboard gear that you might Not be using and try and sell it.

Saturday 5-20-2017

Mill Race Push Race

Columbus, IN, USA
12:30 pm
Welcome one welcome all to Columbus Indiana's first longboard event: The Mill Race Push Race.

Saturday 5-27-2017

Country Club Slide Jam & Swap Meet

Paradise, CA, USA
10:00 am
Bring your used or newer skate and longboarding gear to sell or trade swap meet style and a free entry outlaw slide jam open to the public.