Dustin Hampton - Orangatang


Camarillo, CA USA


Los Angeles, CA USA




My name is Dustin Hampton, and I have been prospecting gold in Southern California for the past six years. Recently longboarding has put my dreams of unearthing buried treasure on hold. I have become addicted to the sensation of accelerating down a hill with nothing but the snug concave of a deck and urethane screaming under foot. Shooting photos and video of my friends raising the bar and shredding the siggy-gnar-gnar is my way of sharing with others my appreciation for this sport. To better my balance and over all skateboarding powers I've grown out my hair to heighten my awareness of approaching danger, and I follow a strict no carb, no sugar, no alcohol diet to destroy any bacteria in my body.


The Boy Scouts of America Handbook (11th edition)


"Modern man is frantically trying to earn enough to buy things he's too busy to enjoy" -Frank A. Clark


Facebook: Dustin Hampton



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