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The Gel Lab Shred Sessions / Shark’s Log – 170525

I don’t feel like any of us really chooses to stop skateboarding; life just prioritizes it out. That’s a weighty opening statement, I know, but for each and every one of us, eventually there will come a time where you will be forced to make a choice: maybe not one big sudden decision, but a series of smaller decisions that overall limits the actual activity of skateboarding.

Now, let there be no doubt about my undying passion for skateboarding itself. I will forever cherish my co-existence with the board, like an extension of my legs, always ready to whisk me away to a realm of rolling satisfaction. BUT, I've also been forced to acknowledge the fact that as I have gotten older and as the responsibilities of my life have grown more and more consequential, the rate of my engagement with the board has in turn been reduced... Very fortunately however, the Wednesday skate sessions have time and time again stood to remind me as to why I love skateboarding so much. They have, on a weekly basis, constantly breathed new life into my ongoing relationship with the skateboard, and thus further allowed me to stay connected to the greater skate community as a whole.

I presume it's always been something I’ve pondered over, “how does someone come to stop skateboarding?”. I’m sure in more than a few cases it's mere boredom, the feeling of hitting a creative ceiling of sorts. Maybe it's life priorities, caring for new and / or older family members, a new job with heavier hours, new thrills? Whatever the case, accept it or not, skateboarding ultimately has a life span for all of us; we ride the proverbial wave for as long as the ride last's, but in the process gain so much in the way of understanding. Skateboarding teaches us to be young at heart, it teaches us to have fun, to be creative with what exists around us. As a skateboarder, you see the world through new eyes, with new inspiration, no matter where you go, or how old you get. I guess then it's as the saying goes, "you don't quit skateboarding, skateboarding quits you".

Once again, an enormous thanks to Alan Sova for constantly contributing righteous photography for my articles - You're the man Alan!!! Join us every Wednesday night as we tackle various hills, parking garages, inclines, and objects, all across the greater Los Angeles area. Learn more by visiting The Gel Lab Facebook page, and get groovy with us either by boards or beats.

Now go outside and go skate.

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