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The Gel Lab Shred Sessions / Shark’s log – 170329

Some weeks had passed since we had been back to our beloved DTLA garage of garages. I had personally spent time casing the garage during the weeks of our absence, memorizing security patterns, making sure that IF we were to return to our weekly routine, things would be relatively “stress” free. I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite sure how things would turn out. The security had been staying later and later, which in corporate terms means that someone had to make a decision in a meeting to keep these guards hanging out longer, thus costing them more in the process. So the fact that our presence had become enough of a concern for them to start having their lackeys hang around later was reason enough for us to stay away. 

The plan was to back off just long enough to make the concept of keeping these dudes around later more of a financial burden than a precaution… I mean, after all, the garage has ALWAYS been treated with care and respect by our people, further tipping the scale in our favor, so to speak. These are the tactics you have to play sometimes as a session host. It’s much more than just leading the ‘shredsters’ to a different location each week; what it’s really about is having the over-arching foresight to understand your environment, when you’re riding spots too hard, and when it's time to back off and tour the crew around a bit.

Alas, the time had finally come for us to return. Despite a bit of a longer wait, the homework of watching and waiting during the weeks off paid off, giving way to a late evening of world-class Downtown Los Angeles parking structure shredding—just as glorious as we have all come to so wonderfully expect.



A super sincere thanks to everyone who came out and rolled with us, as well as Christian Meyers for donating a few of his righteous snaps of the evenings exploits! If you like what you see, be sure to click through and check out his Instagram (@og_christ) for additional radness, then join us on Wednesday night’s by visiting The Gel Lab Facebook Page!

Thanks for reading, now go skate!

-Ari ///TGL


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