The Blood Slayer Lives!

The Blood Slayer Lives!
The rebirth of the Chubby Unicorn into the Blood Slayer sparked the flames of creativity in the Loaded crew like never before. Rather than going with a traditional skate video, we took this release as an opportunity to delve into a new realm of media; heavy metal music videos. [caption id="attachment_22154" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="The Loaded Crew warms up for band practice"][/caption] What started out as just a joke, the Blood Slayer quickly made our kitchen table conversations a reality. We had rolled around the idea of creating a faux-metal video for the Blood Slayer for quite some time. It wasn’t until Alberto Alepuz returned from Spain that the project grew some legs and took off running. We decided that in order to stick to the plan, we had to commit to it right away by cutting a Blood Slayer into a sword/frat paddle weapon. Once the board had been cut (ruined?) we knew that there was no turning back. [caption id="attachment_22155" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="Ethan takes the plunge and destroys a perfectly good Blood Slayer"][/caption] We had spent a solid few weeks coming up with a story line, characters, and how we were going to create the props for such a ridiculous idea. With Alberto at my side, we sat down and powered through a few idea until we reached a Conan the Barbarian styled story. “Bronan the Unicorn” was the protagonist of our dreams. A once cuddly and chubby unicorn-man who, by cruel luck, had his love stripped away from him. In a fit of rage, Bronan tore off his unicorn horn, allowing him to reach his final form: The Blood Slayer. We knew that the role of Bronan had to be played by the one and only Dustin Hampton who has been part of the Loaded and Orangatang family for almost a decade. Not to mention, he was the only one with the muscle definition to get the job done well.
via GIPHY Naturally, the real-life girlfriend of Dustin had to play his bride to be, Princess Panda. Amanda Caloia had the outfit and nickname, so she became our damsel in distress and Bronan’s fuel to his fiery rage of revenge. From there we went on developing our other local teammates into each member of the “Band of Unmerry Men”. Leading the gang was Astaroth the Evil Master Wizard, played by Kalil Hammouri. He wields the “Staff of the Doublecorn” which hosts the bleached skull of a one of a kind double-horned unicorn. Some say it was a cow, but they aren’t as versed in the anatomy of unicorns as we are. [caption id="attachment_22162" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="Evil Master Wizard sees his demise, Panda sees her rescue"][/caption] Second in command was Dimitrus the Half-Shirted Druid. By harnessing the power of nature and his skimpy half shirt, Dimitrus is easily the second most powerful member of the gang, almost rivaling the magical prowess of Astaroth himself. Dimitrus needed to be as tall as a tree, so we recruited Alex Colorito to play the part to perfection. [caption id="attachment_22161" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="All smiles and all evil. Dimitrus is the full package"][/caption] Gerki the Composer was the logistical brains behind the operations of the Band of Unmerry Men, for his skills in composing classical music pieces from the souls of dead musicians lended perfectly into crafting evil plans. Gerardo Moreno had the Tim Burton hair we were looking for, so naturally he became our composer. [caption id="attachment_22156" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="Gerki the Composer doing his thing while death swiftly approaches"][/caption] One of the weaker members of the gang, Blind Ludwig the Pantless was mainly kept around as comic relief whenever the evil plans didn’t come to fruition. Camilo had the most extensive wardrobe of our team and naturally found himself in the role of Ludwig. Also Camilo is very experienced in the art of not wearing pants, so he had that going for him too. [caption id="attachment_22158" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="Camilo, Blind and pantsless in the wild"][/caption] Kyle Chin not only killed it as lead guitar, but killed the hygiene game as Darkyle the Impeccably Clean. Wrapped in the impenetrable teflon covering of Mother Teresa, Darkyle was invulnerable to any form of earthly weaponry and germs. Unfortunately he did not anticipate being attacked with Unicorn Lightning and quickly found himself dead, just like the 99.9% of germs he had vanquished on the daily. [caption id="attachment_22160" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="Darkyle admires his evilness"][/caption] Once we had locked down our characters and storyline, it was time to get building the props and outfits. We sourced as many random objects as we could from our coworkers houses, garages, and wardrobes. The only materials we ended up needing to buy was a hot glue gun, eye shadow, and some scraps of leather. We spent 3 full days piecing together the costume, which we had designed on the fly. No one told us how difficult leather is to work with, but despite the nicks and pricks on the fingers, we were proud with how all the costumes came out. In order to ensure they looked quality, we had to film the scenes to only briefly show our shoddy craftsmanship. When we had everything ready, it was time to start filming the scenes. We started with the music video portion since the team was eager to rock out in an empty warehouse. Everyone gathered their musical equipment, set up a few red colored lights, cranked the amps to 11, then began rocking out.
via GIPHY We contacted the amazing guys of Chemical Burn to use their perfectly brutal song “I Rise, I Fly”. Kyle was the only one who took the time to actually learn the guitar riffs, but unless you pay a lot of attention to the background, you won't even notice Kalil isn't playing the drums.
via GIPHY The storyline scenes were actually pretty simple to film. With the costumes ready, all we needed were the actors and a location. The hardest part to deal with while filming the scenes were the constant confused looks from people walking by. You'd be surprised how many moms are walking around remote areas of Malibu, but we're sure they were even more surprised to see scantily men being filmed in the wilderness. [caption id="attachment_22163" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="Gerardo Moreno changing into costume with onlookers"][/caption] Once the core filming was done, we went to the YouTube Space LA filming studio to get the green screen footage we needed. With their fully equipped stages and ample camera equipment, we were quite proud with the quality of the green screen scenes and the amazing acting Dustin, Kalil, and Panda were able to muster. Many things get filmed with the walls of YouTube Space LA, but we're pretty sure that what we created within them was quite unique.
via GIPHY After all the footage had been collected, Alberto secluded himself into his room for countless hours, slaving away on the purposefully low-budget special effects. Two weeks later, he emerged with the final product and a full beard. It took around one whole month of work to piece this whole thing together, but we were very pleased with the end result and the laughter that ensued after the premiere. Would we do it again? Probably not. Will we? Probably.