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Interview with J Ben Hartley


Click HERE for J Ben's interview.

First off, J Ben is my actual legal name my parents gave me. They literally told me that I could have the J stand for whatever I wanted it to when I was older. So that's cool. Stickin' with Jehu. Anyhow, I'm married to my awesome sauce wife Leslie. She's crazy supportive and crazy gorgeous... working on getting her on a Bhangra. That would be a stunning combo. New video? Hot wife Bhangra synchronized dancing!

I've been riding for almost two years, now. It kinda all started because I never could ride a skateboard... and that was not OK to me. I figured I was agile enough and didn't mind a fall or 200. So I bought my first board and hit the pavement. Literally. I broke my collar bone the first week. Hah. I can't stop now.

Apart from riding I'm a fine artist. I'm formally trained in figurative painting ( But I'm also a photographer and motionographer, as I work full time in video and motion graphics now! Woot.

Long story short, expect a lot more aggressive dancing videos from me, maybe some 3D animation, perhaps even my wife on a Bhangra. I'll start wooing now.

- J Ben


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