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DockSessionUSA April-May

This past 4 weeks have been really fun and interesting for DockSession. We made the transition from parking lots games to skating a hill and giving people pointers on how to slide. "Franklin" has been the home of fun sessions for more than 10 years now, it got repaved and pavement was little rough for a while. Now it's perfect.

Franklin Session

We've had some visitors come through LA, too, and they've been stoked to be part of our sessions. Spanish shredder "Toti" is still in town and has been skating the local gems and getting to know the locals. He went to our previous slide session and had some rotating fun.

Alberto has been getting stronger and more comfortable on his board after his surgery, and now he's starting to do slides again. The look on his face when he did his first backside scrub was heartwarming.


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