DockSessionUSA April 9th & 16th

This past couple of sessions have been amazing. Witnessing the gradual growth of DockSessionUSA and seeing new faces as well as recognizing "the usuals" from week to week always puts a smile on my face.

Young shredder spotted.

Double Hippie Jumping 

We had Lotfi "the founding father" Lamaali hosting one of the sessions. It was great seeing the positive impact Lotfi has on people because he's a very charismatic individual. We made a bunch of fun games such as a hippie jump contest, one-push race, and a tick tack race in order to give out some "one-of-a-kind" prizes.

Lotfi Lamaali stoked on the Venice vibes.

We've been switching around locations to see what feels the best, and we've found some great spots so far. This past week we went down to a rather empty parking lot in Santa Monica, a really nice open space without pedestrians crossing our skate zone. Alberto was having a great time working on his first tricks and slides since his knee surgery back in September. Next week we think he'll be ready for some hills, and we're all very excited to see him back on his board.


Fun times in the sun.

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