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DockSession USA: March 19 & 26

It's been one solid month of DockSession USA events here in Los Angeles, and we couldn't be more proud of the turnout and the incredible positivity of the skaters that have gathered for each session! 

Alberto and Keller pose while Camilo goes

Studding it out at the Redondo Beach Fisherman's Wharf


The Crew of DockSession USA in Redondo looking like a bunch of Hotmail accounts

Boyz 2 Men couldn't be more jealous

Looking back at the last two weekends, we mixed things up by trying a new location further south in Los Angeles: the Redondo Beach Fisherman's Wharf, a suggestion by fellow DockSession usual Christian Teplitzky-Purvis. We then ended our March DockSession with a little giveaway in Santa Monica!

Enjoying the sun and the smiles all the way to Venice

Wind in your hair like you just don't care

The Redondo Beach DockSession brought some new faces from the surrounding areas of Palos Verdes, Hermosa, and Long Beach. We noticed a larger population of freeride-centric riders in Southern LA, proving the need to try a freeride DockSession on a nearby hill. We want to try and appeal to everyone, but providing a solid place for people to practice and hone their skills constantly brings us back to Santa Monica.

Guille Salva hitching a ride

Sometimes hard wheels aren't the fastest

This past weekend, we took the DockSession back to Santa Monica and Venice Beach for a few games and prize giveaways. Rather than focusing on skating abilities alone, we made sure to have the games be even and level for just about everyone involved. The best way to achieve this was by utilizing an ancient game known as "Bite the Bag".

The Attempt

Balance is key, but so is core strength

In case you are unfamiliar with America's fastest growing board game, Bite the Bag requires contestants to balance on one foot, while crouching down to bite a paper bag placed on the ground. Once all contestants had completed their turn, the bag gets rolled down, lowering the biting height by about 2 inches each round. By the end of the game, contestants were trying to bite the bag at a height of 5 inches off the ground.

Trial and Error

Bite the bag and gravity claim another victim

We've got a winner!

Edgar Santos with the winning crane crunch

In the end, the lucky winner of a one-of-a-kind Tan Tien flex 2 deck was Edgar Santos, who arrived to the DockSession on a Penny Board that was obviously not his usual ride. Mentioning that his board had recently been stolen, it was a pleasure to be able to hand him over a brand new deck that he had earned fair and square.

Edgar Santos wins himself a one of a kind Loaded Tan Tien

Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 for the lucky winner

We also had a special set of prototype Orangatang Wheels to give away. In order to involve a little bit of people's skate ability and ingenuity, we felt that a One-Push Race was in order. Riders all lined up at the starting line and with all of their might, heaved forward with a powerful push, hoping to reach the finish line first. The winner utilized the elements by harnessing the power of the wind to catch his shirt-sail and win with a photo finish ahead of another contestant.

Always use the elements to your advantage

One-Push Racing at its finest

After the prizes had been given away, it was time for some radical skateboarding and flatland sessioning. Teaching cross-steps and dancing moves to those that want to learn is always a joy. For those more freeride oriented, giving helpful hints and pointers in perfecting technique was in order, as well.

Kalil Hammouri is a king of ridiculous tricks

Kalil busts a trash pressure shuvit

All in all, a full month of DockSession USA has felt like one fun-filled day of community togetherness. It's amazing to see how quickly a community forms when you place a hallmark weekly session for people to look forward to on the weekends.

Davy getting wavy on his Loaded Boards Icarus!

Hop to my step!

We hope to see even more new faces and smiles at the next DockSession USA! Don't forget to bring a friend and bring a board!

Smiles and K-Ham Slams

Kalil Hammouri poses in all aspects of life. Loaded Bhangra flex 1 and Orangatang Skiffs

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