• PLVNK - Perfect One (Live at Loaded)

    PLVNK - Perfect One (Live at Loaded)

    On November 29th, our good friends at PLVNK (pronounced "Plank") played a super fun, intimate show for close friends and family in the Loaded warehouse. Johnboy, Nachum, and Mal took the stage with Brendan and Janae and rocked out with a super eclectic set pulling from their diverse influences. They played a full set including one of my personal favorites, Where Did We Go Wrong, and a bunch of new music.

  • The Blood Slayer Lives!

    The Blood Slayer Lives!
    The rebirth of the Chubby Unicorn into the Blood Slayer sparked the flames of creativity in the Loaded crew like never before. Rather than going with a traditional skate video, we took this release as an opportunity to delve into a new realm of media; heavy metal music videos. [caption id="attachment_22154" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="The Loaded Crew warms up for band practice"][/caption]
  • Docksession's Big Ramble (LA GROSSE RANDO')

    On Sunday, September 27th over 1000 stoked riders invaded the streets of Paris, which were closed to traffic during the car-free day. In the program that day: a giant ramble through Paris streets, a giant picnic at Invalides gardens then some funny challenges such a costume parade, an uphill longboard race and a slide jam. 9:30am : I arrived at the gathering spot "Place de la République" along with the crew. A dozen riders were already there ready to go.
  • The King Of Kona Experience

    Amidst the ever abundant kaleidoscope-like assortment of larger annual skateboarding related events that you could potentially attend in a calendar year, one soiree in particular has, in just three years time, established quite the raucous name for itself amongst our humble shred-o-sphere. The event I’m on about specifically is the absolutely face melting 72-hour, non-stop skateboarding bash known world wide as the King Of Kona. The brainchild of a one Cameron Frazier and situated in the Southern most state of Florida, the event itself is held at the long fabled Kona skatepark, the oldest still operational skatepark in the United States (est. 1977). From pools and ramps, to snake runs and half pipes, the Kona skatepark compound incorporates a joyous plethora of new and vintage style skate features that caters to a myriad of different styles and skill levels. Alas, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because the park is just shy of 40 years old, it has the same kind of matured mentality behind it. The King Of Kona jamboree or “KOK” as it is most commonly referred to, is without a doubt the single most outrageous skate event I’ve ever attended. [caption id="attachment_18775" align="alignnone" width="625" caption=""Good morning campers.""][/caption] [caption id="attachment_18782" align="alignnone" width="625" caption="People."][/caption]
  • Orangatang Wheels | For Your Health

    Doing some research on longboard wheels? Let the Orangatang team of shred scientists walk you through everything you need to know to choose your next urethane quartet!

  • The Moab Experience (Les Frenchies)

    C'est notre deuxième voyages apres berlin avec loaded, cette fois l'équipage a bord est composé: Darren, Brian, Ethan, Mauritz, Max, Alberto, Alex et moi... Nous sommes tous super motivé a l'idée de partir dans l'Utah...


    It was our second trip with Loaded after Berlin. This time, we had on board: Darren, Brian, Ethan, Mauritz, Max, Alberto, Alex and myself... We were all really stoked to go to Utah... Nous sommes parti direction l'Utah pour 5  jours de délire et de ride dans le dessert... Apres toute une journée de route nous sommes arrivé a Moab, nous avons planté les tantes et préparer notre campement provisoir pour la nuit.  Les  nuits ont étaient tellemen
  • The 2013 Maryhill SheRide

    I had just gotten back from an extended stay in Europe and already I was gearing up for yet another event of epic proportions. The warm anxiousness of an ensuing journey, and yet another opportunity to tell the tale. I had only been home for a week before I was on my way back to the airport and boarding yet another plane bound for Portland. Adam Stokowski was to be my partner in crime on this specific excursion, a long anticipated trip to the world famous Maryhill Loops Road to document and skate with some of the finest lady skaters the sport had to offer. It was to be my second year in attendance at the annual SheRide, and my second visit to that infamous road. So with a hurried car ride from the Loaded office to the airport, and an excruciating shuffle through airport security, we were on the plane, bound for PDX.

  • Wallonhill X Blutcher 2013


    Wallonhill X Blutcher

    For several years I’ve been participating in Freeride organized by the Belgians (blutcher). There are more and more people freeriding, and a there’s very friendly atmosphere between all participants ...This year, we participated in the two parts of Wallonhill (Houyet and Luxembourg) and it was very well organized.It lasted three days and we slept in a camping nearby the downhill's spot. Each day there was food prepared for us and two or three buses which took us to the begging of the race.
  • Get Them Stoked is moving!

    Words By Gerardo Moreno Photo by Claudio Uribe Get Them Stoked Project just started, and the 4 of us (Fernando Bailleres, Fabián Gutiérrez, Claudio Uribe and me Gerardo Moreno) started moving from Guadalajara city, to visit 2 of the best spots on the state. (From left to right: Fabián Gutierrez, Fer Bailleres, Gerardo Moreno, Claudio Uribe) First day early in the morning, we head to Ciudad Guzmán, this is quite a new community with few people skating but highly motivated and most add on top of this they have a gnarly road. By midday we were already there, and we had the chance to skate for couple hours, followed by a small foot brake and pre drift clinic, basic stuff for people who's starting with the final purpose of making easier for them to skate safe and enjoy of this great road. Unfortu

  • 5 DE MAYOW DOWNHILL RACE / By Treee Longboarding (SPANISH & ENGLISH)


    [caption id="attachment_12087" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Daniel Caro and Oscar Gutierrez in the groms final. Daniel Caro and Oscar Gutierrez in the groms final.[/caption]

     As you may know, “Cinco de Mayo” (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a celebration held annually in Mexico on May 5.  Also known as: El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (English: The Day of the Battle of Puebla).

    This date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. In the state of Puebla, the date is observed to commemorate the Me