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  • Posted in on August 26, 2010 by Kyle Chin.

    Update: Central MA Freeride Jam


    Hey everyone! Thanks so much for coming out today - it was a BLAST! We had 53 registered competitors, and many more people who came out to ride and spectate. There were multiple local news squads on site, tons of sponsored riders, and incalculable amounts of stoke and steeze flowing all day. Despite a few hangups/delays, I think it all went pretty damn well - definitely stoked for next year, which will be bigger, better and hitchless! 

    FIRST off, a huge thanks to the sponsors. It's an extremely generous thing to donate expensive boards, wheels and gear to an event that has never run before, that was hastily organized with minimal lead time and only official approval FOUR DAYS before the event day! The sponsors helped bring talent, numbers, and stoke, and they made it into a legit event. So here's to you Loaded, Orangatang, Nashawtuck, Bustin, Original, and BC - THANK YOU! 

    SECOND, thanks to my staff. You all stepped forward, volunteering your help and time to make this event flow smoothly. We all worked together and I couldn't have put this event on without every contribution you all made - LOVE YOU ALL! 

    THIRD - A recap of the comp results! Winner names with prizes in parentheses. 


    1st - Alex Nexton (Loaded race gloves) 

    2nd - Will Miranda (80a Orangatang 4President wheels) 

    3rd - Scott Giambanco (Orangatang t-shirt) 

    4th - Brian Davenport (BC tee) 


    1st overall - Alex Newton, 86 points (Nashawtuck Dennis custom) 

    2nd overall - Dan Lawton, 65 points (Loaded Freeride gloves) 

    3rd overall - Jeremy Ross, 56 points (Nashawtuck tee) 

    4th overall - Stefan Kaiter-Snyder, 52 points (stoke) 

    Best trick - Antoine Petrelli (Orangatang 86a stimulus wheels) 

    Longest standup slide (soft wheel) - Alex Newton (Bustin Boca freeride wheels) 

    Longest standup slide (hard wheel) - Dan Lawton (Orangatang 86a stimulus wheels) 

    The rest of the prizes were raffled off, tons of stickers were distributed, and everyone pushed their limits, learned new things, and THREW DOWN HARD! It got super gnarly when everyone was freeriding in tight packs, and despite the tight corners and lots of little bails, we only had one serious injury - a collarbone break after a gnarly slam by a filmer. I am not sure of the rider's name, but get well soon and that will make for one hell of a bail shot! 

    FOOTAGE - If you took any videos or pictures, please upload them to this thread - http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/forum/new-england/149366-central-ma-freeride-down-hill-comp-slide-jam-8-15-10-a.html - I'm not sure how long after an event the facebook page expires, but if you upload them to facebook make sure to throw on tags so we can see them! Make sure to subscribe to the silverfish thread so you can see all the stuff as it's posted. 

    Thanks again for all of you coming out, it was awesome! GET PUMPED FOR NEXT YEAR! Bigger, better, awesomer... set aside some time in your calendar. 

    Lots of love, 

    Mike Girard

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