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  • Posted in on October 2, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    Loaded College Tour: Colorado 2014

    Loaded is coming to Colorado!

    Ambassadors Adam Colton and Kyle Chin invite you to come get some personalized help on riding techniques, connect with the CSU Fort Collins and CU Boulder longboarding clubs, try our lineup of boards, and maybe even win some free goodies.

    Click any flyer below for more details on that specific event. See you soon!

    - Kyle and Adam

  • Posted in on September 25, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    Super Breakfast Tour Japan

    Loaded and Orangatang ambassador Ayumi Oride needs YOUR help in strengthening the longboarding community in Japan. Join her on the Super Breakfast Tour and help spread the stoke!

    Read on to learn more about the dates planned in Hokkaido and Fukuoka…

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  • Posted in on September 23, 2014 by Arian Chamasmany.

    Angie's Curves: A Love Affair with a Feeling

    You'd be hard pressed to disagree with the fact that Angie's Curves is the most technical and demanding course in the IDF. Not just specifically for its numerous high speed twists and turns, but also in regards to its sheer downhill speed and taxing racing climate. Whether you're coming to grips with the sixty-some-odd-mile-per-hour straight into two sharp right-hand turns, or you're dealing with the sweltering hot temperatures of the Pala, California environment, the Angie's Curves race can easily be considered something of a thing of passion in our sport. A race that shows no mercy and demands its athletes truthfully push both their bodies and minds to the absolute limit. Angie's Curves is not only a race, it's a high water mark, a true test of faith. You don't just skate Angie's Curves; you live it, breathe it, sweat it.

    Angie's Curves. 

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  • Posted in on September 11, 2014 by Mike Girard.

    Central Mass 5 Longboard / Skateboard Festival: Organizer's Recap

    August 15-17th, 2014 marked the 5th annual Central Mass Longboard Festival and my most ambitious undertaking yet. To call it a "Longboard festival" is a bit misleading; these three days saw 397 registered skateboarders of all shapes, sizes, disciplines and creeds take to the races, ramps, slides and rails in three different venues across Harvard. A rowdy after-party in Ayer, MA topped off the action. One of the major goals with Central Mass is to break down the unnecessary and counterproductive walls between skate disciplines - most prominently between "short boarding" and "longboarding". Instead, the event strives to push riders to comingle and progress in all disciplines with no extraneous lines drawn in the sand. To pull off something of that scope as an independent organizer takes approximately 2 metric tons of elbow grease, 3,000 gallons of diplomacy, enough budget to buy an entry-level BMW and a time investment sufficient to make an hourly employee rich, so I got started early. (For more insight into the nitty-gritty preparatory steps, check out last year’s Organizer’s Recap.)

    Official flyer

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  • Posted in on August 6, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    Orangatang Wheels | For Your Health

    Doing some research on longboard wheels? Let the Orangatang team of shred scientists walk you through everything you need to know to choose your next urethane quartet!

  • Posted in on July 14, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    KnK Longboard Camp 2014

    Text by Alex Ireton, Rob McWhinnie, and Nadim Burkan.
    All images by FlyWithMeh Photography - Jelle Grutterink.

    We from Sports’ Association Planka from Slovenia are well-established actor in organizing longboard events. After much-publicized Kurescek Cup event in 2011(see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjRQG8QhpwE) we got a positive feedback from whole longboard community. This crystalized our vision as well as our determination to be the best gravity sports organizer in Europe and worldwide. Our crew has scouted many days for that perfect road where the event could take place and we are proud to say that the search has finally bear fruits. Continue reading

  • Posted in on July 10, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    Dandoy Tongco's Life Story

    "Dandoy Tongco, one the country’s best downhill skateboarder and freestyle has been a phenomenal skate athlete. Dandoy proved everyone that his passion and dedication for the sport will give him the golden ticket to travel the world, meet new friends and most of all inspire others through his humble story… Jairus Aquino, a Filipino actor will portray the role of Dandoy Tongco…"

    Read more at My Life On Board:


  • Posted in on July 8, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    30th Annual Twilight Concerts at Santa Monica Pier

  • Posted in on July 7, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    Spain Road Trip

  • Posted in on June 10, 2014 by Lotfi Lamaali.

    Interview with Brazilian Blog Euamolongboard

    Few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to chat with Alexandre from Euamolongboard.com. Check out my thoughts on the actual longboard dancing scene, my actual projects as the weekly longboard meeting called Docksession, as well as some of my future projects.

    Link ==> http://euamolongboard.blogspot.fr/2014/05/entrevista-euamolongboardcom-entrevista.html

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