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  • Posted in on September 21, 2016 by Gerardo Moreno.

    Virtual Slide Jam by Treee Skateboarding

    Virtual Slide Jam by Treee Skateboarding

    Amigos y amigas hispanoparlantes el día de hoy les traemos desde tierras Mexicanas un concepto nuevo que formulamos en las oficinas corporativas de Loaded Boards y Treee Skatebording.

    Hello everyone today we are bringing you from Mexican lands a new concept our experts developed in the corporate offices of Loaded Boards and Treee Skateboarding.


    Tomó varios meses de desarrollo de nuestros expertos en la imagen de arriba podemos ver a nuestro equipo de trabajo desarrollando esta nueva manera de traerles entretenimiento.

    It took several months for our experts to finally be able to develop such a new creative way to bring you entertainment. You can see on the top image our specialists working on this new project.

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  • Posted in on July 14, 2016 by Ayumi Oride.

    Street Fighter DH Race: Japan's First DH Outlaw

    Hello! This is Minchita, the stoked news reporter, and today I’m here to talk about the first ever outlaw downhill race that happened in far east, Nyom Island/Superhill, Yokosuka Japan. Yes ma'am, it was the first DH race to ever happen in Japan!

    Kohey Inoue & Yuji "Ken" Ebizuka at the start line before semi final. コーヘー(Kohey Inoue)とケン(Yuji Ebizuka)、セミファイナルスタートラインにて。

    My partner in crime Fifer and I have been dreaming about organizing a DH race in Japan since we saw for the first time what DH racing is all about back in Maryhill FOS 2011. It took 5 years of dreaming to make it happen, but yes! We finally did it!!

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  • Posted in on May 24, 2016 by Gerardo Moreno.

    Laguna Downhill Race 3 Recap

    (Para español oprima la tecla numero 1, si esto no funciona vaya al final de cada parrafo de  lo que no puede entender mi estimado amigo hispanoparlante.)

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, it's a pleasure for us to bring you back into this journey.
    For the 3th year in the sunny lands of Mexico we want to present you the Laguna Downhill Race 3 Recap presented by Treee Skateboarding:

    Hola damas y caballeros es una placer para nosotros traerles nuevamente historias por tercera ocasión de este evento presentado por Treee Skateboarding llamado Laguna DH Race 3.

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  • Posted in on May 5, 2016 by Mike Girard.

    Central Mass 6 Skate Festival - Organizer's Recap

    On August 7-9, 2015, the small rural town of Harvard, Massachusetts welcomed 416 registered competitors from 25 U.S. states, Argentina, Australia, Hong Kong and the Philippines into their midst for the 6th annual Central Mass Skate Festival, the biggest yet. Hundreds more friends, families, staffers, filmers and photographers joined them for this 3-day extravaganza of shred, featuring a downhill race, mini ramp jam, slide jam, downhill park, street course, big air and after-party. Although some months have passed since Central Mass 6, the stoke is still fresh and already frothing for Central Mass 7, Aug 5-7, 2016. Join me in a deeper look inside the 6th annual event from the organizer's perspective, myself, Mike Girard of Emgee Events LLC.

    Eddie Henriquez boosts in front of the Biggest Air camera guantlet. Photo by Khaleeq Alfred

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  • Posted in on April 18, 2016 by Kyle Chin.

    Loaded Challenge Series 2016

    Loaded Challenge Series 2016 – Loaded Boards

    Welcome to the Loaded Challenge Series 2016: a fun way for you to learn new tricks and save some serious dough on Loaded and Orangatang gear! It’s been way too long since we last shared a challenge series with you all, and we’re stupendously excited to bring it on back.


  • Posted in on April 14, 2016 by Kyle Chin.

    Loaded Labs: The Orangatang Menopause

    Orangatang In Heat and Menopause

    Estrus is over; it’s time for our 75mm race wheel to enter Menopause. Continue reading

  • Posted in on February 12, 2016 by Chris Cade.

    Carve Skate Shop and NoBull Longboarders Present: Bayou Battle 2016

    Words by Chris Cade

    Photos by Scott Raymond and Katlyn Beachy


    Flyer and Logo design by the talented JayCroninDesigns.com


    If you've been paying attention in the longboarding industry, then you've noticed that race attendance is slipping, and freerides are growing.  I believe our sport needs an infusion of fresh blood, both new skaters, and new ways to skate.  Enter the Bayou Battle, the brainchild of Greg Noble of Team Nobull, and Scotty Sheridan, of Carve Skate Shop. The Bayou Battle is a parking garage race that is setting record numbers on both attendance, and prize money.  It's also only $60 for three days of events, which has to be some kind of record too.  

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  • Posted in on November 28, 2015 by Chris Cade.

    Maryhill Fall Freeride 2015

    Images by Katlyn Beachy

    Words by Chris Cade

    The theme this year was "Onesie Party"

    What can I say about the spot called Maryhill? Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade or so, it's been a downhiller's trip of choice for years. So, in the fall of 2015, after a couple long weeks on the clock, I wanted a vacation.  My last freeride was 2012, and a bunch of my friends were coming up from Texas. The choice was obvious, and my flight was booked for Portland.

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  • Posted in on November 24, 2015 by Lotfi Lamaali.

    Docksession's Big Ramble (LA GROSSE RANDO')

    On Sunday, September 27th over 1000 stoked riders invaded the streets of Paris, which were closed to traffic during the car-free day.

    In the program that day: a giant ramble through Paris streets, a giant picnic at Invalides gardens then some funny challenges such a costume parade, an uphill longboard race and a slide jam.

    9:30am : I arrived at the gathering spot "Place de la République" along with the crew. A dozen riders were already there ready to go.

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  • Posted in on November 17, 2015 by Ethan Cochard.

    Forsaken Circuit: Interview with Alex McKenzie and Jon Sevik

    Alex McKenzie stands amid the rubble of a forgotten Chinese restaurant


    Watch "Forsaken Circuit" here.

    For many, adventure can be a daunting task. What looks good on paper doesn't always turn out how we hope. You get rained on, cars break down, the hotel doesn't have hot water, your funds run out before it even feels like you got started. These common bumps in the road keep many people from experiencing what there is to be had in the great wide world.

    In their video "Forsaken Circuit", Alex McKenzie and Jon Sevik took the little free time they had before summer ended to make memories that will last until their next journey. Their travels are not dictated by the robotic voice of their GPS, they don't listen to the endless ramblings of a tour guide, they didn't find a treasure map in Davey Jones' locker. They found a few hard to believe locations thanks to the dense thicket of the internet and went for it. Like true explorers, the adventure did not go according to plan. And that was the point.

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  • Posted in on October 22, 2015 by Harry Clarke.

    ReLive: YuPing Cup & Part 1 of the HLSS Tour

    Few weeks back i was lucky enough to explore further into my own country that is China. Living in Hong Kong is very different to the rest of China. First of all because Hong Kong is its own independent region and secondly because the "Hong Kongese" or "Hong Kongers" people don't seem to like being associated with the mainland due to a number of reasons that would require lots of explanations so i'll save that for another time. Anyways, what I'm trying to get at here is that while i do live on the door step to the most populated country on the planet I had never actually been more than 50 km ( 31.06856 miles for all you freedom folk ) north into the mainland.

    That's why when I heard that the first ever race was going down in Chengdu i jumped at the chance. So the crew was assembled and we were off. We landed in Chengdu during the small hours of the morning and decided to go exploring for some party. We found some.

    Waking up in what we found out to be an "escort" hotel was surprisingly not as great as it sounds but never the less we then headed for the local skate shop to meet up with all the homies and catch the bus to the town where the race would be held.

    Not your average shop entrance

    In typical Hong Kong fashion we arrived 6 hours early so more exploring went on.

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  • Posted in on September 22, 2015 by Kyle Chin.

    Limited Edition CARBON Tesseract


    Loaded Boards Carbon Tesseract

    Loaded's ambassadors love the Truncated Tesseract, but a few wanted to see if a slightly stiffer board would get them going faster. After months of testing at the Hadron Collider beneath the Franco-Swiss boarder, we concluded that applying a future-forward, hi-tech layer of carbon fiber made the Tesseract look totally badass... and perfectly rigid and agile for skateboarding fast.

    We have produced a very limited run of 300 individually numbered modified boards and are offering them one-time-only on our site. Loaded is donating a percentage of proceeds from each board to the awesome non-profit STOKED whose mission is to inspire low-income teens and help them succeed through action sports. These funds will be used exclusively to get kids on skateboards in the Los Angeles area, and our team will be on hand to help along the way. Loaded has been involved with STOKED for over a decade and has witnessed thousands of smiles and seen how much learning a new skill can change a life.

    The boards will be available October 1st at 9AM PST and will go fast.

    Go to www.loadedboards.com to add some carbon fiber to your diet and check out www.STOKED.org to sign up, volunteer, and make a difference.

    Loaded Boards x Stoked Mentoring

  • Posted in on September 17, 2015 by Ayumi Oride.

    RAD RAD Radicals Fiesta!

    Radicals Fiesta! took place on past September 5th in Osaka, Japan.

    Group picture with City Mayor! 市長と記念撮影!photo by Megu Sakayori

    I could write a simple report with a chronicle about how things went on the day of the event and how fun it was (to make you readers jealous... just kidding!). However this time, besides the event report of Radicals Fiesta, I'll write about the whole experience of organizing local events and sessions I have been doing since 2013 together with my partner in crime Fifer. Also we want to give a little of context of the Japanese scene; believe me, things in Japan are really different. We want to share this experience because we believe that there is bunch of young talent out there who want to make things happens but doesn't know where to start. Hopefully sharing our experience could encourage you readers, because if we have done it, you could do it too!

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  • Posted in on July 21, 2015 by Kyle Chin.

    Loaded Window Contest

    First off - A HUGE thanks to all the shops who took the time to do this! We are more than stoked to see the support and love from our shops. Picking the winners was nowhere as easy as we thought it would be... So thank you!

    Without further adieu, the winners are:

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  • Posted in on July 15, 2015 by Chris Cade.

    Hummel Havoc 2015: In No Coast Country

    Photos by Scott Rowe

    I heard a guy at Hummel Havoc telling his friend, “There is West Coast, East Coast, and No Coast.” No Coast, if you’ve been living under a rock, is the Midwest’s answer to the growing domination of our sport by the coastal scenes.  There are more skaters coming up into the racing scene everywhere, and in the No Coast areas, that translates to more races closer to home, instead of driving to California or Vermont.

    Signups started early

    Hummel Havoc carries on the tradition of successful independent events in the NoCoast area. It reminded me of the excellent Buffalo Bill Downhill Bloodspill (RIP) in Colorado and the taken-before-its-time Davis City Downhill in Oklahoma.

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  • Posted in on June 25, 2015 by Chris Cade.

    Mesa De Las Tablas International Longboard Festival: A Paradise of Skating: En Dos Linguas

    Translation by Gerardo Moreno

    Photos by Mafe Cano Photography

    Photos and Words by Chris Cade

    I don’t know about you, but when I think of a downhillers paradise, I imagine a place like a long mountain valley, with roads on one side, and nothing but pine trees on the other side, so I can watch the shadows of the clouds pass across the mountains.  It’ll be down to a little town, so that there’s almost no one coming up it, but still a place where you can get a meal and stay a night or four.  No one takes a picture then immediately dives mind first into the phone to play the social media game. There’s no signal, so you can still take pictures, but then, when the moment has passed, you put your phone in your pocket, because the important part was seeing it anyway. You’ll remember these moments.

    No sé ustedes pero cuando yo pienso en un paraíso para el Downhill, yo me imagino un lugar con un gran y extenso valle en medio de las montañas, con caminos a un lado de estas, con nada más que pinos y árboles del otro lado, y así poder ver las sombras de las nubes pasando a través de las montañas. Este camino me llevaría a un pequeño pueblo, al cual casi nadie va ni viene, de igual manera siempre puedes encontrar comida y un cuarto donde pasar una noche o cuatro. No hay señal por ningún lado así que aun puedes seguir tomando fotos con tu celular, pero después que pasó el momento guardas el celular en tu bolsillo, porque la parte importante es ver el momento. Lo recordarás en tu cabeza de cualquier manera.

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  • Posted in on June 17, 2015 by Gerardo Moreno.

    Laguna DH Race II 2015 -The Journey (English/Español)

    Welcome fellows to this journey through the warm lands of Mexico for the second annual event hosted by Treee Skateboaring .
    Please remind seated and fasten your seatbelt; the journey through the Laguna DH Race II 2015 is about to start.
    Photos snapped by Mr Fernando Vega himself.

    (Bienvenidos sean a esta aventura a través de la cálidas tierras mexicanas para el segundo año de este evento anual, organizado por Treee Skateboarding.
    Por Favor permanezca sentado y abroche su cinturón que la aventura de Laguna DH Race II 2015 está por dar comienzo
    Photos por el mismísimo Señor Fernando Vega)

    Riders from all over the country and the continent made it this year for the event.
    With 7 corners, one predrift, and slidey pavement Laguna is for sure one of the most difficult races to handle.

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  • Posted in on June 11, 2015 by Luke Melo.

    Jane Paths Race V Event Recap


    Jane Paths Race 2015 - Orangatang WheelsThe Jane Paths Race has been a staple event of the Toronto community for years, thanks to Orangatang ambassador Luke Melo. Whether or not you made it out to join us this year, enjoy this video recap of all the fun!Orangatang Wheels #orangatang #orangatangwheels

    Posted by Orangatang Wheels on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

    I can't believe we've made it this far. After five years the Jane Paths Race is still going strong. I'm always stoked to see lots of new faces and the core crew coming back year after year. We got really lucky again with sunny warm weather after a brutal winter. Through five years it hasn't really rained yet.

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  • Posted in on June 9, 2015 by Sowi Rodriguez.

    Otoño Longboard Jam

    Versión en español más abajo ↓

    After a while without any local events down here in our small country, the Otoño Longboard Jam was the result of hard work in order to grow our community.

    Fabio Martínez (2nd Open Freestyle)

    Once again, an event organized by riders, for riders. And of course, supported by Longboard House, Loaded and Orangatang. Together with my teammate and friend Axel Montgomery and Andres 'El Jefe' Guidali, we started carefully planning the event. We wanted to make it special and different, an in-law event to keep spreading the stoke. Our brothers at boardshop Skateland lent us two ramps and a rail (HUGE thanks, guys!).

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  • Posted in on June 9, 2015 by Sowi Rodriguez.

    Review: II Longboard Girls Crew South American Meeting

    It's been more than two months since the II LGC meeting was held and I still feel stoked and happy that working hard gave some good results after all.

    Once again, Valeria Kechichian reunited riders from Argentina and Uruguay to organize the second South American Meeting. It is awesome seeing how a small group of people can help bringing together lady shredders from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Paraguay.

    We all think that having fun is the aim. No pressures, no hard competitions, just silly games to play, a clinic to pass on everything that we may know, and to learn things, too! As I mentioned, we invented some games just to have an excuse to make all the girls win something.

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  • Posted in on June 4, 2015 by Kyle Chin.

    The Poncho Push

    Orangatang ambassador Sam Holding is pushing 650 miles from Arizona to California! Keep an eye out for more news and media from ‪#‎ThePonchoPush‬!

    From Sam:

    The Poncho Push.

    So, on the 2nd June I will be flying to Page, AZ and pushing the 650 miles to Los Angeles, CA via Las Vegas, Zion National Park, The Valley of Fire and the Hoover Dam with nothing but my Osprey backpack and my board.

    I'll documenting the entire trip to create into several videos and one main Film with the aim of skating and exploring some of the craziest places I can come across. The push has no concrete time-scale, leaving plenty of room for anything to happen.

    You can keep up with the trip on my media accounts and follow my push log over at Newton's Shred. The film with be released in Mid-July. More Soon.


    Big Thanks to:

    Original Skateboards
    Orangatang Wheels
    Newton's Shred
    Thrill Magazine
    Paris Truck Co.

  • Posted in on June 4, 2015 by Kyle Chin.

    Clinique Super Poutine 2015

  • Posted in on April 30, 2015 by Arian Chamasmany.

    Greenskate LA: Army Of Three

    Friends, compatriots, let there be no doubt, I’ve thrown my fair share of skate events over the years. I’ve  run the gamut of mishaps, tackled with the unexpected, the unscripted, unplanned. I’ve attended and played host to numerous slide jams and weekly shred summonings. Savored countless instances of pure unadulterated skateboarding elation. Seen and sewn the seeds of stoke, both near and abroad. So, after almost six years of solid event attendance, organization, and assembly, naturally, you have to assume that there are going to be a few bad apples in the bunch, so to speak. Alas, so was what I had originally perceived by the painfully lackluster attendance of the recent event I threw in conjunction with Greenskate.org and Loaded Boards, The “Greenskate LA Sidewalk Shred”. Out of the twenty something people I had confirmed or assumed would attend our leisurely Sunday afternoon skate gathering, only a proud and faithful TWO had actually arrived. 

    Pushing off towards Wilshire Boulevard, and down towards the beach.

    “What to do?” I thought to myself nervously… Continue to stall the jam? (assuming maybe a few more swarthy souls would arrive)… or, run the day’s plan with the proud plucky two that made the effort to show up.. The resulting noble group-made decision to press onward despite our absence of numbers later proved not only to debunk my initial woeful projections as to the overall success of the afternoon, but also worked to remind me that while stoke in numbers may indeed be the case, it definitely does not dictate that a day spent shredding the streets with a two versus twenty isn’t necessarily any less fun; or in this case, meaningful.
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  • Posted in on April 20, 2015 by Ayumi Oride.

    VLT 2015: 2 weeks in tropical islands of the Philippines!

    April has come! It means VLT!! Time for island vibes and 2 weeks full of shakas greetings everywhere!

    VLT is a 2 weeks+ long skateboard event and the biggest longboard event in Asia for sure. It all happens in the Visayas area in the Philippines and is divided into 3 main parts. VLT (Visayan Longboard Trilogy) includes traveling, skating, camping, hammocks, ferries, parties, mangos and coconuts, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, hopping from island to island with hundreds of skaters from all around the world. It all started some 6 years ago by a group of local skaters of Cebu in order to find new spots to skate while traveling and discovering the beauty of the nature which those islands have to offer.

    Me and trike, one of the local transportation at Siquijor

    This year, it seems like the VLT rumour has spread among longboarders around the world. Some big names and legends of the scene showed up, giving a special stoke to the locals.
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  • Posted in on April 6, 2015 by Arian Chamasmany.

    So You Think You Can Longboard Dance: Growth and Development

    I had seen pictures, heard stories of a grandiose flatland / freestyle competition in the Netherlands that happened every year. An event that attracted all the various odds and ends of the European long skate spectrum. Competitors venturing from far and wide to showcase their style’s in an arena, in front of an audience specifically focused on appreciating the countless intricacies of the discipline. 

    Waking up and suddenly realizing you're in Amsterdam... Priceless.

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  • Posted in on March 23, 2015 by Kyle Chin.

    Loaded FLORIDA Tour

    Adam Colton and Kyle Chin are coming to Florida to visit skate shops and colleges from Miami to Tallahassee! We're bringing a fleet of Loaded completes for you to demo and will be hosting a bunch of fun games and contests to give away some awesome prizes.

    Visit any of the links below for more detailed information on specific tour dates. We hope to see you out there!

    Tour Schedule:

    Thursday, April 9: Miami  -  bit.ly/LoadedMiami15

    Friday, April 10: Boca Raton  -  bit.ly/LoadedBoca15

    Saturday, April 11: Sarasota  -  bit.ly/LoadedSarasota15

    Sunday, April 12: Orlando  -  bit.ly/LoadedOrlando15

    Monday, April 13: Gainesville  -  bit.ly/LoadedGainesville15

    Tuesday, April 14: Tallahassee  -  bit.ly/LoadedTallahassee15

    Official hashtags:


  • Posted in on March 2, 2015 by Kyle Chin.

    5 Amigos Tour


    The 5 Amigos Tour is coming to Mexico! Camilo Céspedes, Gerardo Moreno, Adam Colton, Fernando Vega, and Miguel Azanza will be hosting some fun events around the country; be sure to join us if you're around!

    Más información: http://treeeskateboarding.com/blog/5_amigos_tour

  • Posted in on February 27, 2015 by Arian Chamasmany.

    Downhill Skateboarding: Mindset and Meditation

    Let there be no doubt that the act of stepping aboard a small piece of wood, only to surf it down a mountain at 45, 50 miles per hour is serious business. Life threatening, to some extent. It’s a mental thing. The noise of your everyday existence, your cares, your worries, all seem to dissipate amongst the thundering sound of the wind licking at your ears. To some extent, I believe downhill skateboarding to be a form of meditation. An act that brings about an extreme sense of present moment. When you’re bombing down a mountain, navigating corners, achieving terminal velocity, you willfully welcome a sense of hyper focus. Nothing else matters: just you, the skateboard, and the road.

    Trevor is faster than you.

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  • Posted in on February 9, 2015 by Kyle Chin.

    Shark's Eurozone Tour 2015

  • Posted in on February 5, 2015 by Arian Chamasmany.

    Get Set For The Jet Set

    My worst air travel baggage nightmare occurred when I flew the last available flight of the evening from London to Paris, and had a connecting trans-atlantic flight back to Los Angeles from Paris the following morning. I had a late evening in Paris to kill with the homies before flying back to LA, so I thought, “no problem”, I’ll just collect my bags and meet them at whatever bar they had happened to be at that night. Fast forward to me being the lone standing person at the baggage claim at Charles du Gaulle airport at 12am. After waking the two half asleep clerks in the missing baggage department, they determined that they could not locate my bag, and that I would have to remain on “Standby” (that’s airport lingo for, “good luck” in case you already didn’t know) at the airport, just in case my bags arrived. I spent the night in Paris CDG airport that evening with nothing more than an airline provided plastic toothbrush (that looked as though it was surplus gear they had intended to originally send to Prisons), and a generic white T-shirt they give you as a kind of, “sorry bruh, bad time”. In the morning, I caught my sixteen hour flight back to Los Angeles, not knowing if I’d ever see my things again.

    Stoked Skateboards knowledge base article link - 6 tips when traveling with a skateboard

    A week and about a dozen calls to the airline later, and a man in a truck delivers my bag claiming it had been lost because its odd size (due to skateboards) exceeded certain size restriction policies, and it had to be re-routed.

    Stokowski, ready to fly the friendly skies.

    The bottom line? Air travel will always be a ridiculous process we willfully put ourselves through. There is a system of mass transit to the whole situation that will always be the way it is, regardless as to how well you prepare. Alas, there are a few things you can do to streamline the process a bit, and side step some of the pitfalls of the air travel equation. With that being said, I’ve taken the liberty to prepare an article for the good folks at the Stoked Skateboards Knowledge Base, detailing six essential tips to ensuring your priceless shred sled, and your belongings make it to your destination on time and safe n’ sound. Check it out, then get to the globe trottin’.

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