What is the biggest distance you ever skated down a mountain road? Which is the longest racing track you could think of? Racing 9km down with 69 hairpins; sounds insane? Must be a leg burner for sure. Is it even fun racing that far? How many runs even humanly possible in a day?! So many questions might pop up in your head. Well, it actually happened last month in Aomori, Japan! Northern part of the main island there is this scenic road "Iwaki Skyline". Absolute u"road porn" images of epic hairpins has been out there already for years and I've seen them popped up on my FB feeds every once in a while. Even though, difficult access from metropolitan area kept the road as "skate virgin" for many years. [caption id="attachment_22216" align="aligncenter" width="720" caption="I've seen these images popping up on my FB feed every once in a while."][/caption]