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  • Mesa De Las Tablas International Longboard Festival: A Paradise of Skating: En Dos Linguas

    Mesa De Las Tablas International Longboard Festival: A Paradise of Skating: En Dos Linguas

    Translation by Gerardo Moreno

    Photos by Mafe Cano Photography

    Photos and Words by Chris Cade

    I don’t know about you, but when I think of a downhillers paradise, I imagine a place like a long mountain valley, with roads on one side, and nothing but pine trees on the other side, so I can watch the shadows of the clouds pass across the mountains.  It’ll be down to a little town, so that there’s almost no one coming up it, but still a place where you can get a meal and stay a night or four.  No one takes a picture then immediately dives mind first into the phone to play the social media game. There’s no signal, so you can still take pictures, but then, when the moment has passed, you put your phone in your pocket, because the important part was seeing it anyway. You’ll remember these moments.

    No sé ustedes pero cuando yo pienso en un paraíso para el Downhill, yo me imagino un lugar con un gran y extenso valle en medio de las montañas, con caminos a un lado de estas, con nada más que pinos y árboles del otro lado, y así poder ver las sombras de las nubes pasando a través de las montañas. Este camino me llevaría a un pequeño pueblo, al cual casi nadie va ni viene, de igual manera siempre puedes encontrar comida y un cuarto donde pasar una noche o cuatro. No hay señal por ningún lado así que aun puedes seguir tomando fotos con tu celular, pero después que pasó el momento guardas el celular en tu bolsillo, porque la parte importante es ver el momento. Lo recordarás en tu cabeza de cualquier manera.

  • Skatefest Fairfax 2015

  • Stokelahoma River Race

  • Laguna DH Race II 2015 -The Journey (English/Español)

    Welcome fellows to this journey through the warm lands of Mexico for the second annual event hosted by Treee Skateboaring . Please remind seated and fasten your seatbelt; the journey through the Laguna DH Race II 2015 is about to start. Photos snapped by Mr Fernando Vega himself. (Bienvenidos sean a esta aventura a través de la cálidas tierras mexicanas para el segundo año de este evento anual, organizado por Treee Skateboarding. Por Favor permanezca sentado y abroche su cinturón que la aventura de Laguna DH Race II 2015 está por dar comienzo Photos por el mismísimo Señor Fernando Vega) Riders from all over the country and the continent made it this year for the event. With 7 corners, one predrift, and slidey pavement Laguna is for sure one of the most difficult races to handle.

  • Bethlehem Slide Jam 2

  • Jane Paths Race V Event Recap

    Jane Paths Race V Event Recap


    Jane Paths Race 2015 - Orangatang WheelsThe Jane Paths Race has been a staple event of the Toronto community for years, thanks to Orangatang ambassador Luke Melo. Whether or not you made it out to join us this year, enjoy this video recap of all the fun!Orangatang Wheels #orangatang #orangatangwheels Posted by Orangatang Wheels on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
    I can't believe we've made it this far. After five years the Jane Paths Race is still going strong. I'm always stoked to see lots of new faces and the core crew coming back year after year. We got really lucky again with sunny warm weather after a brutal winter. Through five years it hasn't really rained yet.
  • Otoño Longboard Jam

    Otoño Longboard Jam
    Versión en español más abajo ? After a while without any local events down here in our small country, the Otoño Longboard Jam was the result of hard work in order to grow our community. [caption id="attachment_19463" align="aligncenter" width="625" caption="Fabio Martínez (2nd Open Freestyle)"][/caption] Once again, an event organized by riders, for riders. And of course, supported by Longboard House, Loaded and Orangatang. Together with my teammate and friend Axel Montgomery and Andres 'El Jefe' Guidali, we started carefully planning the event. We wanted to make it special and different, an in-law event to keep spreading the stoke. Our brothers at boardshop Skateland lent us two ramps and a rail (HUGE thanks, guys!).
  • Review: II Longboard Girls Crew South American Meeting

    It's been more than two months since the II LGC meeting was held and I still feel stoked and happy that working hard gave some good results after all. Once again, Valeria Kechichian reunited riders from Argentina and Uruguay to organize the second South American Meeting. It is awesome seeing how a small group of people can help bringing together lady shredders from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Paraguay. We all think that having fun is the aim. No pressures, no hard competitions, just silly games to play, a clinic to pass on everything that we may know, and to learn things, too! As I mentioned, we invented some games just to have an excuse to make all the girls win something.
  • The Poncho Push

    Orangatang ambassador Sam Holding is pushing 650 miles from Arizona to California! Keep an eye out for more news and media from ?#?ThePonchoPush?!

  • Clinique Super Poutine 2015