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  • The Britannia Classic

    Brittania Classic

                “Heat nineteen on the line!” Ok. So this means I have six more heats until I’m up. Cool. Wait. What was that? Rain drop? Can’t be. Must be sweat. Time to eat a banana. Wait... I felt it again. That was definitely a rain drop. Keep cool. It’s been dry this whole time. Only ten more heats, and the first round is over. At least wait to start raining in the second round so we’re all on an even playing field. No. no no no no no. Why must you keep co
  • Monterreal Longboard Fest 2013 experience by Gerardo Moreno

    Monterreal Longboard Fest is without a doubt my favourite race. The race takes place on a small town in Coahuila, Mexico, by Name Mesa de las tablas. With Only 300 residents and lots of apple trees, the town has one of the best scenarios in Mexico and the world. One of the corner of the track and The Sierra o
  • Eurodance

    Facebook - 1. European Longboard Dancing Championship in Berlin EURODANCE

  • Skate for the Cure

    Facebook - Skate for the Cure Capture

  • Good Times!

                  Good Times! Hello hello, my good sirs and fair maidens! Today is the 26th of July and we brought you guys another exciting Newsletter. Click the image or the link titled "Good Times" to learn an old school trick, witne
  • Moore Tornado Relief RAD JAM

    Facebook - RAD JAM RAD-JAM

  • Berlin oh Berlin.

    You never really plan to fall in love, it just happens. Be it with a person, place, or thing, the feeling of adoration is never something we can ever really anticipate, it just happens. I had known Berlin was going to be a unique experience even before I got there, but I had had no idea I was going to fall head over heels in love with the place. A non-stop whirlpool of Eastern European culture, style, flair, and party. The whole city felt to be reverberating with a buzz of non-stop, an ever present sense of constant. A young, free spirited dance of old and new. The delapdated skeleton of old world East Berlin, mingling with a healthy splash of new skool style and wreckless creative abandonment. If there was ever a hive of post modern urban renewal, a delicious hundred and twenty-five beats per minute inspired ecosystem of carefree self expression, this was definitely it. Dig a little deeper into this city of creative resurrection and you'll discover a thriving skate scene. Out of the broken down red brick factories on the eastern side of the wall blossom skate parks and dance floors. Open air parties that don't just go all night, but all weekend. Beer gardens and brews that are non-stop, ever flowing. Subterranian dance floors that crackle and smolder with shuffling feet and hissing smoke machines, bass from beats that shake your innards and soothe the troubled soul.

  • Angie's Curves: Pala, CA

    “Watch out there’s rattlesnakes!” Welcoming words on the bottom of the hill by Jeff Budro, Sector Nine. Oh well, if only the rattlesnakes were the only tricky thing about this track… Angie’s Curves is the first of three IDF World Cup races in North America. And definitely some next level stuff when it comes to racing. Watching videos, the hills tend to look steeper than they actually are. Well, not for this one. A track length of 1.34 Miles and an approximate elevation difference of 750 feet

  • Maryhill Noobs Freeride 2013 Espaniol

    Ir a toda velocidad cuesta abajo en un camino largo puede ser intimidante y aterrador  para una gran mayoría de personas. Incluyendome en esa categoría, puedo asegurar que el poder ir al Maryhill freeride for Noobs -Sesión libre para novatos en Maryhill- es la mejor oportunidad para acostumbrarse a la velocidad y el poder disfrutar el poder tomar las curvas con gozo y dejar a tu ser fluir mientras bajas la colina.

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  • Maryhill Noobs Freeride 2013

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    Going fast in a long way down could be scary and intimidating for many people. For those people, like myself, Maryhill Noobs Freeride is the best opportunity to get over that fear and get used to some